Welcome to the DLA Piper Future Trainee Portal

I am delighted to welcome you to the DLA Piper Future Trainee Information Site. This facility offers us the opportunity to keep in regular touch with all our future trainees and a few of the many benefits of this site include:

  • Offering you instant access to information from anywhere in the world. More and more of our trainees take time out to travel and they will now be able to keep in touch with what’s happening back at DLA Piper from the remotest parts of the world.
  • Sending less information on paper through the post, so environmentally saving trees and less post. It will also eliminate the frustration of things getting lost in transit.
  • Getting information to you much more quickly as we won’t need to save things up to send them out with the monthly letter. As soon as we receive press releases and other information, we will put it on here for you to read.
  • Giving you the opportunity, through the forum, to communicate with each other much more easily. You will be able to keep in touch with all your peers and send messages either to your whole year group, your individual office group, or even those who are studying in the same institution irrespective of which office they are joining and in which year.

I hope you will find using the site both useful and informative. We would welcome any feedback you have about the site whether that is regarding content or layout, as we are keen to make it as user friendly as possible. Please remember to refer to the Guideline Of Use when using this site.